We must not allow other people’s

limited perceptions to define us.  Virginia Satir



Counselling is helpful if you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of yourself or if your are going through a difficult time. Together we gain an understanding of your current situation and the circumstances that have led up to it. In this process I can help you make sense of your emotions, thoughts and behaviour. As a result you may gain new insights and become aware of hidden resources that will support you in your present situation as well as other situations in your life.


We experience the world through our body, which enables us to recognise whether we are in contact with ourselves and in resonance with our environment. Through traumatic experiences we sometimes lose this capacity. If appropriate, I offer approaches that can help reconnect with the body (e.g. Focusing, breathing and mindfulness based techniques).


In a first meeting we will identify your issue and goal for our work together and discuss a timeframe. We will have the opportunity to get to know each other and to decide whether we want to work together. Depending on your issue the timeframe will vary. My experience is that 6 to 10 sessions are a good basis to begin with. This can, however, be changed upon mutual agreement.