Crisis management

•    You feel stressed and overwhelmed

•    You find it difficult to manage things that have previously felt easy

•    You have become more fearful and anxious

•    You often feel irritable and agitated

•    You are going through a break-up, separation, or divorce

•    You are new in Zurich and struggling to make sense of the new culture and people

Personal development

•    You are unhappy with your life situation

•    You would like to change something in your life

•    You find it difficult to cope with changes

•    You would like to process a transition

•    You experience repetitive, negative behavioural patterns

•    You would like to improve your relationship(s)

•    You have questions about your identity and sexuality

•    You would like to become more aware of your needs

•    You find it difficult to say „no“

•    You would like to learn to better manage stress and as a result prevent physical symptoms

      (tensions and pains)

•    Albeit successful in your life you often feel empty and lacking purpose

Professional development

•    You are thinking about a career change

•    You find it difficult to assert yourself

•    Your are experiencing conflicts at work

•    You feel confused or disoriented about your work

•    You would like to gain an understanding of your strengths

•    You want to identify what stops you from being most effective

•    You need a partner to talk through new ideas and goals