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Our patterns of thinking and feeling are often based on our earliest relational experiences within our families and environment. Often we are unaware of these patterns but they can, nevertheless, have a powerful impact on our personal and professional life. We might be able to manage certain areas of our lives well but for others we feel unprepared or unskilled for. This often results in tension, unhappiness and a sense of failure. Sometimes it may seem that we have achieved very little or what we have achieved no longer feels fulfilling.


Exploring within a safe space and relationship what lies behind emotions, behaviours and thoughts helps to gain more self-awareness and the ability to heal or change if necessary. A greater understanding of ourselves and others enables us to have a choice in how we communicate and relate, which can help us feel more empowered and often less overwhelmed.


In difficult times we often forget our strengths and resources. It is, therefore, important that besides gaining more awareness of your challenges that you also gain an understanding of the strengths and resources that have so far helped you overcome difficulties in life.

Counselling: If you want to develop as a person, or if you are experiencing a difficult phase or a challenging situation in your life.

Solution-focused Coaching: If you need to make a decision, gain clarity in your professional life or you are about to embark on a new journey.